Mecca is a city in 通常モード

Mecca is a city inにようこそ。現在、挑戦者数は88人です。

第1問目   88人中 63人正解 (71.5%) 平均正解時間 216.80秒

(1) People who visit Mecca
  have increased by hundreds of thousands every year.
  are Moslems who trade there but do not pray there.
  have increased by several million every year.
  are pilgrims from many different countries.

第2問目   88人中 67人正解 (76.1%) 平均正解時間 107.56秒

(2) Mecca is regarded as
  the place to decide if travelers are Moslems or not.
  the most religious place on earth for Moslems.
  the most beautiful place on earth for tourists.
  the most popular place for all travelers to enter freely.

第3問目   88人中 57人正解 (64.7%) 平均正解時間 209.84秒

(3) Some adventurers disguised themselves as Moslems
  to go through Jidda to Mecca.
  to pass through the inspection points.
  to become pious pilgrims.
  to increase the number of pilgrims.

第4問目   88人中 61人正解 (69.3%) 平均正解時間 225.30秒

(4) How do most people arrive at Mecca today?
  On camels.
  Mostly by air.
  By boat.
  In buses and cars.

第5問目   88人中 50人正解 (56.8%) 平均正解時間 120.80秒

(5) The author says that today in Mecca
  all the pilgrims must wear white robes, as in the past.
  poor pilgrims are no longer a common sight.
  some things like clothing have changed over hundreds of years.
  everything has changed as compared with the past.


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