Born to Run 通常モード

Born to Runにようこそ。現在、挑戦者数は93人です。

第1問目   93人中 56人正解 (60.2%) 平均正解時間 122.79秒

問1 According to the two American scientists,
  sporting events based on running are older than most people think.
  people need to think more about ways to run faster.
  running is more important to our health than most people realize.
  gaining the ability to run was important for human development.

第2問目   93人中 39人正解 (41.9%) 平均正解時間 171.51秒

問2 Why have experts failed to see the importance of running until now?
  They did not know that early humans could run long distances.
  Being able to run fast is now only an advantage for athletes.
  Human being do not run as quickly as some other animals.
  There are many animals that can run farther than human beings.

第3問目   93人中 55人正解 (59.1%) 平均正解時間 179.69秒

問3 What best explains why human beings developed long legs?
  Long legs helped us keep our balance while running.
  Long legs helped us get away quickly from other primates.
  Long legs helped us run efficiently over long distances.
  Long legs helped us save energy during sporting events.

第4問目   93人中 35人正解 (37.6%) 平均正解時間 97.12秒

問4 What advantage did primitive humans get from their running ability?
  They were able to run away from other animals without becoming exhausted.
  They were able to include more meat in their diet.
  They were able to grow stronger without paying attention to their diet.
  They were able to kill any rivals who took their food.

第5問目   93人中 55人正解 (59.1%) 平均正解時間 169.45秒

問5 Which of the following is true?
  Primitive humans were able to catch animals that were faster than themselves.
  Scientists have overlooked the role of sports in the development of primitive humans.
  Hunting trips were used by primitive humans to train for marathons.
  Primitive humans were stronger than modern people because of their rich diet.


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