An Incredible Survivor 通常モード

An Incredible Survivorにようこそ。現在、挑戦者数は93人です。

第1問目   93人中 63人正解 (67.7%) 平均正解時間 353.59秒

(問1) The wood frog is unusual because it
  buries itself in leaves and dirt at the start of spring.
  survives even after its body has become frozen.
  can move about easily on frozen ground.
  lives a normal life even in very cold weather.

第2問目   93人中 41人正解 (44.0%) 平均正解時間 457.46秒

(問2) What effect does the glucose produced in the wood frog's body have?
  It stops the water in the frog's cells from freezing in cold weather.
  It allows the frog's cells to produce more water.
  It lowers the temperature in the spaces between the frog's cells.
  It causes the frog's cells to produce more starch.

第3問目   93人中 56人正解 (60.2%) 平均正解時間 113.41秒

(問3) Researchers are hoping to use the wood frog's secret to allow them to
  use transplant organs more quickly.
  remove organs from a donor more easily.
  keep transplant organs longer than they can now.
  unfreeze transplant organs with chemicals from the frogs.

第4問目   93人中 65人正解 (69.8%) 平均正解時間 115.97秒

(問4) What is one thing that scientists would like to find out about the wood frog?
  Why it takes so long to unfreeze at the end of winter.
  Whether it becomes frozen in the spring.
  Which parts of its body freeze in cold weather.
  How its heart starts again when it unfreezes.

第5問目   93人中 39人正解 (41.9%) 平均正解時間 101.12秒

(問5) Which of the following is true?
  Scientists are now using the process that takes place in a wood frog's body to prepare human organs for transplant.
  The wood frog needs starch in order to stop the cells in its body from dying.
  Researchers are trying to find a way to transplant the organs of wood frogs.
  Wood frogs use the glucose in their cells to unfreeze their bodies at the end of winter.


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