3D Handwriting Analysis 通常モード

3D Handwriting Analysisにようこそ。現在、挑戦者数は78人です。

第1問目   78人中 56人正解 (71.7%) 平均正解時間 125.78秒

問1 Why is it important to be able to recognize a true signature?
  Because every signature is slightly different.
  Because signatures are used as proof of identity.
  Because many criminals have similar writing styles.
  Because people find it hard to copy a signature exactly.

第2問目   78人中 46人正解 (58.9%) 平均正解時間 157.32秒

問2 What is one problem with the traditional method of identifying signatures?
  It often makes the signatures difficult to see.
  It usually ignores the direction of the strokes.
  It sometimes causes damage to documents.
  It only works with certain kinds of paper.

第3問目   78人中 54人正解 (69.2%) 平均正解時間 169.81秒

問3 Why is the new method of analyzing signatures more accurate?
  It allows computers to record fakes that have been used before.
  It shows features of a signature that are impossible to copy.
  It concentrates only on one letter of the signature.
  It identifies the date on which the signature was written.

第4問目   78人中 58人正解 (74.3%) 平均正解時間 157.46秒

問4 The new method is expected to
  make it possible to analyze more writing styles.
  encourage experts to test as many sample signatures as possible.
  help scientists to restore documents to their original condition.
  prevent criminals from faking so many signatures in the future.


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