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    It is clear that the traditional boundaries between men's jobs and women's jobs are being torn down in the work-place. However, a recent study has shown that this trend has not progressed very far in the American home.
    Domestic duties women's work, even in households where both husband and wife work, according to a recent survey of 5,000 families nationwide.
    In 78 percent of the two-income families surveyed, the man of the house rarely cleans it and is even less to do the laundry, the report shows. In the kitchen, fewer than 30 percent of all men wash the dishes frequently and only 25 percent cook a regular basis.
    Male toward housework do not to be changing. An economist with the business research group says that in every age group men who refuse to help wash the dishes, or who cannot do so complaining, are far more numerous than those who help. Overall, the survey found that men in their 20's and 30's help around the house only slightly more than older men do.
    Women, on the other hand, are performing traditionally male . Among the working wives surveyed, 48 percent regularly take out the garbage and 34 percent calculate the family taxes. However, the study showed that fewer than 20 percent of all women do minor home repairs.
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