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    An ant looks like three tiny parts fastened together in a row on a piece of pipe. The one (1) is the head; the middle one is the chest, or thorax; the one (2) the rear end, the abdomen, is the biggest of all.
    If the ant is broken apart, each segment can go on living separately for a little while. Each has its own supply of blood, its own breathing tubes, its own openings into the outer air closed by its own valves, and separate nerves to operate the muscles. Even after the head part is cut off, the jaws can go on biting, the feelers (3) .The middle part, (4) its six legs, can go on doing (5) was just doing -- whether(6) eggs, stabbing with a sting, or performing as a bottle of honey.
    There are more ants than any other kind of dryland animal in the world. Ants are so successful (7) they can live almost anywhere. A handful of soil makes a home; or a bit of rotten wood in a tree or a fallen log will (8) . Or cracks in your house or barn may serve. Ants are not particular.
(1) at face / at lead / in advance / in front
(2) for / from / on / with
(3) feeling / felt / to feel / which feel
(4) at / for / to / with
(5) what / what it / which / which it
(6) bearing / laying / lying / yielding
(7) because / though / when / while
(8) act / do / requiere / supply