One day a farmer was going to market.

    One day a farmer was going to market. He had animals with him. They were hen, a sheep, and a fox. On his way he came to a river he had to . It was very wide and deep. He looked here and there and found a small boat which had room only for himself and of his animals.
    "What shall I do?" he thought. "I can leave the hen with the sheep, but I can't leave the fox with of them. It may them." He thought and thought, but he didn't know what to do.
    So he went home and consulted with his wife. She laughed and told him what to do about it. "It's very easy. You must first take the over and leave it on the other side. You can't, of course, leave the with the fox, because it may be eaten by the fox, but you can take the back to this side of the river. Of course you can't leave the fox there with the hen, and so you must take the hen to the other side with . Then leave the hen on the other side with the and come back for the fox. In this way you can take all the animals safely across the river."
    Then he could take them safely to the other side of the river.