Part 5 問題見本

TOEIC Part5の出題範囲はかなり限られています。大学入試のように、不定詞の用法の識別や、条件節と帰結節が違う仮定法や、複合関係詞というような細かいところは出題されません。TOEICのPart 5は、以下のように分類することができます。それぞれどんな問題のことなのか、見本を公式問題集の中から拾ってみました。

The market-research department conducted a (  ) on how often people listen to the radio while driving their cars.
(1) design (2) response ☆(3) survey (4) broadcast

The recent increase in tourism has done less to improve the business of small retailers in this area than we (  ) predicted.
(1) original ☆(2) originally (3) originated (4) originality

Children who are two years old and younger are (  ) free of charge to most concerts and films.
(1) admit (2) admits ☆(3) admitted (4) admitting

The apartments on the lower floors cost less because they are more exposed (  ) dust and the noise of traffic.
☆(1) to (2) without (3) from (4) against

(  ) there had not been slight delays in the bus service to the airport, Ms. Suzuki would have caught her scheduled flight to Brussels.
(1) If (2) Whereas ☆(3) Unless (4) Even

Dr. Johnson is offering a three-hour workshop during (  ) she will share some perspectives on effective time management.
(1) whose (2) while (3) whatever ☆(4) which

Although measures have been introduced to discourage the use of mobile telephones inside the opera house, (  ) effectiveness remains limited.
(1) they ☆(2) their (3) them (4) theirs