One day John put on old clothes...

    One day John put on old clothes and to a big dinner party at Mr. Green's house. When he came in, the people at the party looked at him, they gave him no seat and no food. So John went home, put his clothes, and then came back to the party.
    Mr. Green at once stood up and came to meet him. "I am glad to see you," said Mr. Green. "You must be a great man, because you are dressed in such fine clothes." He took him to the best table and gave him a good seat and the best .
    John put his coat in the food and said, "Eat, coat!" The people were surprised and said, "What are you doing?" John answered, "I think my coat should eat. When I came here first, there were no people gave me food. I went home, put on these clothes, and came . Then you gave me a good seat and the best food. So you gave me these things for my clothes, but you didn't do so for me."